Creditors Rights

Did you know as the party lending money or providing financial terms you have rights too? PEAK LAW assists creditors by Using lawful collection techniques up to, and including, lawsuits for the collection of consumer debt, commercial debt or other types of debt. We represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, that collection, for closures, and other efforts to lawfully enforce a creditor’s rights Without violating state or federal law. Learn More

Business Transactions

Peak Law has more than 15 years experience negotiating, structuring and creating business transactions both here in the U.S. and in internationally in China, Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, United Kingdom and Brazil. We are experts in commercial transactions and can counsel you through the process. Learn more

Intellectual Property

Protect your brand, original content and creations. You’ve worked hard to create a company, brand or entity; protect it with a trademark, copyright and other intellectual property protections. Learn More

Privacy & Data Security

Data privacy is increasingly recognized as a fundamental human right worldwide — the growing list includes GDPR, COPPA, and state specific privacy acts. Along with privacy, data security is a growing challenge for businesses. Learn More

Peak Law E-Commerce / Internet Marketing

E-Commerce & Internet Marketing

Internet law refers to how legal principles and legislation govern the use of the internet and can involve everything from websites and ISPs, to trademarks and domains names; and can not entirely be bound by the laws of a single state or country. Learn More